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Boating Hack – Salt Off

Salt Off from Star brite Salt Off from Star brite is the boating hack that you’ve been looking for! Click here for more information and to find Salt Off near you. Starring:Captain Blair Wiggins Produced by:Drayden Wiggins

Indian River Lagoon Clam Project – Update

In 2019 Capt and Blair brought together a team to help out the Indian river lagoon from years of neglect. The project called the Indian River lagoon Clam restoration project started with CCA, FWC, and University of Florida Whitney labs. It hasn’t grown significantly to include many conservation-minded organizations all helping with the clams. This ongoing […]

Indian River Lagoon Clam Project

The IRLCRP was founded by Captain Blair Wiggins, host of Addictive Fishing Television and Blair Wiggins Outdoors. A native Floridian, Capt. Wiggins has over thirty years experience as a charter fishing guide who was born and raised on the IRL system, Growing up on the Banana river, which is part of the IRL System, Wiggins […]

Dr. Todd Interview

The Importance of clams and our rivers Learn about the importance of clams, how they’re raised and the impact they can have on the rivers in our back yard. Starring:Dr. Todd Osbourne Produced by:Drayden Wiggins

About Captain Blair

Captain Blair was born In Florida and raised in Cocoa Beach, Florida. He grew up fishing the Indian River lagoon system which includes the Banana River, Indian River, and the mosquito lagoon.  Fishing this unique estuary help tone his skills in the fishing industry and a short drive across the causeway is put him in […]