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Captain Blair was born In Florida and raised in Cocoa Beach, Florida. He grew up fishing the Indian River Lagoon System which includes Banana River, Indian River and the Mosquito Lagoon. 

Fishing this unique estuary help tone his skills in the fishing industry and a short drive across the causeway is put him in prime hunting areas for deer, turkey, ducks and all sorts of wildlife.

After graduating high school Capt. Blair joined the United States Air Force and fished and hunted whenever he could. 

After serving in the Air Force, Captain Blair joined up with the space program as a quality control inspector for flight control systems working on the space shuttle.

“I was living in my hometown working a dream job, but just wasn’t happy with all the hours I was putting in…There just wasn’t enough time for fishing and hunting.”

timeline of events

First saw the light of day
Started fishing with my dad on the St. John’s River catching bluegill and bass.
Started Waterfowl Hunting
First large sea trout

Seven pounder!